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Baer Energy Automation (BEA) becomes Partner for BML

Baer Energy Automation GmbH (BEA)  has been founded in 2017. In a restructering process of Baer 

Industrie-Elekronik GmbH, BEA has acquired the Meter Reading System Software AMR SIGLON with all 

software, licenses, services and rights. This important step helps both companies in concentrating on 

their core competence and approving their  customer orientation.

Baer Energy Automation offers innovative solutions around all meter applications, e.g. Smart Grid, 

energy meter data collection and management or monitoring of grid status conditions. 

Powerful tools to transfer data from meters to all kind to SCADA or control systems. All types of energy 

or material can be processed, may it be electricity, power, energy, heating cooling or water, gas and 


BML as the exclusive partner of BEA offers these products to clients like network operators, utilities or 



Products of BEA are (among others):


Meter Data Collection (I-AMR) , Energy and Operation Managenent for Current- ,Gas-, Water and Heat Metering Points

Scada Connect

Gateway between devices and systems for easy integration of data into Scada or process automation systems:from meters to Scada in only a few steps.

Power Trend  

Visualisation of meter data in real time and calculation of tendencies IPT Bridge Switching center for M2M-communication and IP-Telemetrie applications according to DIN 43863-4 for data transfer over IP based services (e.g. LTE, GPRS, DSL) with optional TLS-encryption.

 Please contact us under  

ScadaConnect ScadaConnect IPT Bridge IPT Bridge
  BEA Partner of BML