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Consultancy Activities BML frequently executes validation projects in helping utilities or powerplants in selecting and approving settlement metering & PASS systems on a fixed price basis or BML offers our experienced Validation Consultants or Validation Engineers at daily rate basis that work out of our office or on your site. After many years of metering & settlement system validation consulting and working in validation & verification sectors, our experts have gathered a formidable library of key project
We work closely with your validation & compliance team to : Evaluate your existing procedures Conduct validation tests & audits Develop risk mitigation & action plans Create efficient test documentation and reporting systems Assist & qualify metering & billing systems suiting your utility If you would like a quote or to ask questions for our system validation services please contact us
documents, ranging from Validation Master Plans, Quality Metrics (QM) , Risk based Assessment (ABA) User Requirements Specifications (URS), Functional Specifications (FS) and Detailed Design Specifications, so we can comfortably and efficiently gather and document your key requirements. Our compliance policy documents are designed and laid out to promote the efficient generation of qualification protocols. However, it’s not just the documents but the hands on practical in the trenches experience which is invaluable and access to colleagues with this professional knowledge. Whether it is an existing system, or a brand-new system selection experienced engineers can navigate their way through the validation & verification audit regulations that help you set up a compliant and practical validation approach to choose or implement settlement metering or plant accounting settlement system for your plant or utility with confidence. BML ‘s approach to validate compliance & qualify suitable settlement metering and PASS systems for our clients means that we won’t over-engineer your qualification and validation efforts, or more importantly, stay within your budget.