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Data-Warehouse SCADA for Renewable Source Calculations Application Sewer Middleware Reporting and Business Intelligence Data Management for Plants

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The Monitoring provided will support any activity necessary for plant management. The cutting-edge architecture enables a huge data amount to be managed. Plant data are made available from the scalable data warehouse solution EDWH (Energy Data Warehouse) in terabytes dimensions. Already installed or new plants can be thus monitored and operated producer-spanning - independently of inverter or module types. supervise PV ensures the required presentation of all energy generation data and paints a complete picture of plant statuses and working processes.

Ease of Analysis using SCADA Overviews

The rich Reporting features hands the evaluation power over to the users and provides the reports for any kind of information needed for management as well as for key service figures. By creating layouts in a full graphic edit the reports can be delivered e. g. in HTML, Excel or PDF.

Get the optimum yields controlled

The automatic analysis tools are tracking the continuous generation of energy and are reporting the quality of your plant.

Follow the service operations using broad functionality

The baer solar Monitoring application enables optimal performance over the life span of the power plant- e.g. reduce generation losses. It helps maintenance to optimize its operation by supplying all relevant data (components, location, manufacturer, etc). Using the Monitoring provides data of generation for funding/billing issues, e.g. kWh produced per day/month in automatically generated reports or as download data. The Middleware is data communication base for all connected partners (all PV-plants, AMR, billing, etc.). The Monitoring also offers plant overall data collection, evaluation and reporting. The Alarm Centre provides a data collection from small to large scale including telecommunication services for alarming by SMS, voice call or email.

Technology pointing the way ahead

The Monitoring application provides a full set of tools for the service of renewable plants. The open Data-Warehouse solution is based on a Middleware with scalable computing power and fail-over functionality. All components are Web based and independent of operating systems (on client and servers). Also ORACLE or Microsoft SQL- Server is free of choice.

Ease of Analysis using the SCADA system modules

The free configurable display enables the adequate view to plant status information. The key plant data are configured using the calculation engine which provides unique features: Dynamic time slot calculation for detecting special events, free formula and calculation chain definition.
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