Baer Solar

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Solar Power Plant on the roof

top of the German International


The EMPURON AG is your German partner for a modern future-proof PV plant management, regardless of the inverter types which are installed. All requested information on power generation data, plant status and service processes are provided with the best combination of performance and value for money.  
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baer solar

baer solar is supported by three partners: active solar, EMPURON and BML. Please find out more following the link below.
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Solar Roof program in the UAE

by dena

dena, the German energy agency, supports projects for renewal energy word wide. Their latest project in the UAE has been successfully installed, commisioned and inuagared by the consortium baer solar under the leadship of empuron and the parte activ solar.
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Joint forces, joint technolgies, joint success

Under the leadership of Empuron,  BML and activ solar formed a consortium “baer solar“ to participate

in a project competition of dena, the German Energy Agency.  Due their innovative approach baer solar

won the competition and installed a solar power plant on the roof of the German School of Abu Dhabi.

The solar system is producing energy since its inauguration and is used for educational purposes by the


baer solar baer solar