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Codix 533 

Interfaces Analogueue output 0...12V Analogueue output 0...24mA Protection max. IP 65 Temperature: -20...+65°C Power supply  10...30 VDC When a value is entered using the keys on the front, this will appear on the output of the device as either a current or a voltage value. Manual operation or programmable.
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Kübler impulses for lift systems.

Smooth-running and safe.

Measuring systems The mechanical loading experienced by the  encoder within the lift mechanics is quite  considerable. And here the prefabricated  LM lift systems prove their worth:   Belt pulleys with duplex bearings, smooth  running toothed belts and a vibration  resistant encoder mounting fixture  guarantee very quiet, smooth operation of  the system. Encoders Sendix encoders from Kübler control the  rotational speed and drive position, offer  accurate shaft copying and monitor the  speed limiters. Thus, they contribute  essentially to the long service live and low  maintenance requirements of lifts.  Counting Technology An extensive choice of trip counters and  hour meters allows for the precise and  highly reliable definition of service intervals 
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The Kübler Group belongs today to the leading specialists worldwide in the fields of position and 

motion sensors, counting and process technology as well as transmission technology. Founded in the 

year 1960 by Fritz Kübler, the family business is now led by the next generation of the family, his sons 

Gebhard and Lothar Kübler. Proof of the strong international focus lies in the fact that exports 

currently account for over 60 percent of turnover, with 8 international group members and distributors 

in more than 50 countries. BML is proud having being selected as their agent in the Middle East.  

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Sendix absolute: EtherCAT

Conformance Tested encoders of

the second generation offer a

very short cycle time

With a position update within 62.5 µs these new EtherCAT encoders from Kübler are faster than other devices on the market, which – though also able to send data with the same speed – are merely repeating the old position. The shorter cycle time with the new Sendix  absolute EtherCAT encoders allow  customers to implement highly dynamic  systems with EtherCAT Fieldbus technology. The latest Slave-EtherCAT stack from  Beckhoff, Version 5.01, has been integrated  into the new Sendix absolute EtherCAT  encoders and in addition the latest  CANopen profile 3.2.10 has also been  implemented. 
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