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Industrial DIN Rail Meters

- Very small one phase meters to check on consumption and load managment in industrial applications - Direct connected 3 Phase meters up to 65A - 3Phase meters connected via Current transformers for higher loads Accuracy Class 0.5 or 1 (depending on version) Communication via S0 (Pulse) or M-Bus Monitoring P, U, I
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Residential Meters

eHZ Meter The EDL-eHZ is an electricity residential meter which is able to protect the measurement values by signature furthermore the tariffing can be accomplished in a downstream system. Three Phase Mult Tariff Meter The ED3000 is a digital multi-tariff meter for active energy within 4-wires. This device can be equipped with one control input and/ or maximum two outputs. There is also the possibility to set up the device with a high- precision real-time clock to enable the tariff control. Furthermore an installation control e.g. phase display, rotating field, energy direction, can be accomplished via the display Single Phase Meter The devices of the ED1 series are digital multi-tariff meters for active energy with an additional measuring device within the N- path. The neutral measurement serves for controlling of the phase- and neutral energy and is additionally employed for manipulation controlling. This device can be equipped with a high-precision real time clock for tariffing. Furthermore there is the possibility to equip the meter with a  radio module in order to enable a remote request as well as the controlling of the optional turn-off relais.
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Baer Measurements LLC cooperates with renowned meter manufactures from different countries for a 

long time. Many engineers of BML themselves having a deep background knowledge of meters and 

their applications. BML has used meters mainly for the application of tariff meters in the Power Plants 

and Middle and High Voltage switchgears. However, as the requirements in this special area increase 

and the users have started asking for alternatives, BML achieved to add the products of the German 

Manufacturer EMH metering to its portfolio.  

EMH metering has been founded in Germany in 1984 and is exclusively focused on digital meters and 

its related components and devices. The production starting with the design, the hardware and 

software development, the PCB’s, assembly until the final tests and calibrations is in Germany.  

The Product Portfolio contains the latest high accuracy meters of Class 0.2S, meters for indutrial and

commercial applications of Class 0.5S and 1 or residential meters.

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High Precision Meter of

Class 0.2S

The Precision Meter LZQJ-E has been designed mainly for the registration of large quantities of energy e.g. for measurement at supply terminals. The heart of the meter is the high precision measuring system. The application of an external auxiliary voltage supply enables a flexible application of the meter. Due to the plug-in technique it is quick and easy to change the meter. It is available in a 19” rack mounted version or as wall mounted device - 4 quadrant/ combi meter - muiltiple communication ports - dlms/ cosem protocol compatible - power quality features - high over voltage protection - robust, accurate and long lasting Applications are in Middle / High Voltage substations and power plants. Everywhere where high energy transfer takes place  
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  Partner of BML