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Intelligent Automated Meter

Reading System: SIGLON

SIGLON is the integrated system for intelligent remote meter reading, energy data management and operation data management.

Datalogger: DLX

Dataloggers are used to capture the pulses or analogue signals of meters or measurement devices with no own memory or open serial communication. They are often used to capture data from Water, Gas or Oilmeters.

Modem: UniMod

Baer Modems are used to transfer data from meters (water, gas, electricity or oil) to a central metering system.

Planning, Consulting, installation, commissioning, documentation, training and maintenance out of one 

hand. BML has combined the eperience of the Energy Market in the Midle East Market with the exciting 

features of innovative developments. BML is the specialist in the Meter Market which provides all 

components for metering systems like AMR-Systems (SIGLON), datalogger for capturing pulses or 

Modems to transfer the data. BML is partner of BEA (Baer Energy Automation) for all 

ssoftware/systems products und exclsuive distributer for all products of Baer Industrie Elektronik 



· Data Distribution to Settlement · Data Distribution to Monitoring · Meter Data Acquisition · Archiving · Display · Client-server Architecture · AMI/AMM ready

Complete Metering Equipment

Baer's product portfolio contains all components which are used in the metering market; intelligent metering reading systems of Baer  distribute the data even to SCADA application; data loggers register pulses from energy, gas, oil, or water meters and store the processed  data for future evaluation and settlement; relays to transfer or multiply information between meters and data loggers; modems to allow an  easy remote access to all metering devices; complete cubicles incl. meters and all components for High or Medium Voltage switchgear and  Power Plants.

Measure of quality in the UAE substations

Since 2005, Baer has equipped all new power plants in the UAE, refurbished many existing plants and installed its system in more than 50  substations. The speed of the data acquisition, the secure data transfer and the open interfaces have been the convincing arguments for  the metering   system of Baer. 

Systems for a large number of customers

Among the clients of Baer, there are all large Utilities (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) as well as many industrial users.  Internationally Baer cooperates with all renowned contractors like ABB, Abener, Areva, Babcock, Cegelec, Dosan, Hyundai, Larson &  Toubro, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Sener, Solar Millennium, Toshiba. In the UAE Baer has provided systems for TRANSCO, AADC, ADDC, ADCO,  DEWA, SEWA, MEE ...

New developments for future requirements

BML is monitoring the market and needs of its clients continously. These requirements are used as a basis for product upgrades and new  features in Hard- and Software.


Starting from small configurations the metering system can be sized according to the needs. For mid-sized applications Clients (“MMIs'”) on  spread locations can be added to the data center. For Iarge applications redundant databases guarantee safety of data. The  communication line to the meters can be freely set up. 


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